Séminaire du 23 mai 2019 : «Perspectives on the Nigerian film industry»

Le 23 mai 2019 – Jonathan Haynes, Long Island University –

Présentation de Jonathan Haynes

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ABSTRACT : The academic study of Nollywood has always been dispersed in geographical, disciplinary, and intellectual dimensions. The recent advent of transnational corporations into the film industry, linked to new distribution technologies, complicates the object of knowledge: no longer simply a grassroots “popular art” based in the informal economy, Nollywood now also has a fully capitalist sector, integrated into the global media environment, even as continuing failures of the Nigerian state impose important blockages.

This seminar will explore the consequences of these developments for the paradigms used to understand Nollywood and its products.

Bio : Jonathan Haynes is interested in how literature, film, and other arts are related to the cultures and societies that produce them. At first English Renaissance literature was the main focus of his studies, but then his interests shifted to Third World film and literature and African studies. For two decades he has been closely following the growth of the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood. He has published Nollywood: The Creation of Nigerian Film Genres (U of Chicago P, 2016), and with Onookome Okome Cinema and Social Change in West Africa (Jos, Nigeria: Nigerian Film Corporation, 1995).